Monday 15 June 2015

Yep. After a week on the way we arrived in Bosnia. Well, for speed demons as we are it is 200km per day in average but a lot of fun going through sideways roads.

But let's start from the beginning, It was supposed to be loud and crowded 'goodbye' meeting on Sunday, the 7th. But when at 10am a rain started falling we already knew we will be late with departure,

No more excuses to go on Monday. Nice and sunny. Arrived in Walbrzych pretty soon. Piotrek, his comfy sofa and a kitty Juka were waiting for us. On following day we were supposed to be already in Czech, but riding in rain when it is 10 degrees outside is not what we are born for. Soon after less than 100km we have stopped at Lukasz's guesthouse Zajacowka in Paszkow. Lukasz, the host and experienced rider checked our travel preps and wished us safe trip.

When finally the rain was out on Wednesday we almost reached Czech-Austrian border in Znojmo. The ride we did was over 260km, but we have never entered any city or even seen a gas station. I wonder how many times Laura swore at me.

Well, we are modern travellers, so we use advantages of CouchSurfing and Airbnb. In Czech we got nice bedroom with breakfast for 10 EUR. Well, breakfast was extra because David, a host, was late.

We passed Austria fast to find a cheap stay near border on Hungarian side. It turned out not that close us we expected , well and the price for camp was even higher than in Austria. I do not know how it happens but usually in Hungary we have that kind of surprises,

The positive thing was that we catched access free wifi spot there. I am not really sure if our Netherlands neighbour will be happy because of this, but I have realised that we are stealing their connection, when Google has started display result in their language.
So, because of that we found Andrija and his family on CS, who made our weekend amazing nearby Croatian city Varazdin. Stayed in mountain wine house alone, tried delicious local food and drinks and all of these made from stuff grown by themselves. What could we get more? That kind of hospitality we have not experienced for a long.

But we need go back on the road. Today we went through central Croatia and arrived in Bosnia to camp near Banja Luka.
Now going towards seaside and plan to spend next weekend in Albania. Stay tuned.

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Banja Luka

Banja Luka