Thursday 14 May 2015

Everyone asks how we get the idea.
Now is it's really hard to say. For some time it's so obvious for both of us that in 2015 we are just leaving... for unknown. For a year, two, or even longer.

It was probably an afternoon after busy day at work, two or three years back, when we decided to do that. Well, you may sit at your comfortable desk, reporting wonderful numbers, be an expert in pivot tables or just wander around the world. Isn't it an obvious choice?
We are still young enough, even though just entering 4th decade of our lives, no kids, no serious obligations (beside a mortgage in CHF). There'll be no better time.

Buying a new TV, redecorate your flat, upgrading a car. Are these supposed to be authentic motivation for sweating blood? Not really working.
For us satisfaction comes from travelling.

People say 'I'm so jealous, I'd like to do like you do', we always reply 'just go'. The only limit is your mind. Of course you need resign from many things, change priorities, honestly, sometimes totally reorganize your life. But who is not doing this to get the dreams fulfilled?
Well, your car will be broken soon, if not stolen, flat will become to small, but experience and memories will stay for ever.

'You have to be insane to just hit the road - I heard after telling of my plans
- No, you have be insane to stay here - I thought'

We are not insane. We are not free of fears.
But it is not about looking for the risk and adrenaline. We are not trying to be professionals in travelling.

It is all about finding own space, taking a breath, holding for a moment in this crazy race. To look for all of this from the other perspective. Experience the freedom and give a chance to our creativity to be brought back to life.

So, why to go for a trip of a lifetime?

So, why to go for a trip of a lifetime?